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Fresh ingredients. Delicious flavors.


Fresh ingredients. Delicious flavors.


Everything we create begins with the earth. We rely on our local Southern California farmers to supply us with the fresh, nutritious ingredients that we use in our dishes. They put their hard work and love into growing food they are proud of so that we can serve the food that we are passionate about. Every bite of our meals is packed with the goodness of Southern California.


We care about the ingredients that we put into our food. When we say our ingredients are fresh, we don’t mean fresh-frozen. We mean farm-to-table fresh. Locally-sourced, sustainably-grown fresh. We are committed to using fresh, nutritious ingredients in every meal because they are the key to great food. Fresh ingredients, prepared with love. Simple.


There’s one reason that we care about the freshness of our ingredients so much. Flavor. When it comes to creating truly delicious, mouth-watering meals, there is no substitute for good, fresh ingredients. And at Fitbites, Flavor always comes first. Whether you’re building your own bowl or biting into one of our signature burritos, we think you’ll agree.


We like to keep it simple. From the suppliers we use to the food we make, we believe that good, healthy food shouldn’t be complicated. Just take great ingredients and let their natural goodness shine through. Delicious.

Delicious Flavors

At Fitbites, flavor comes first. Every bowl, burrito, and taco we make comes packed full of the sun-soaked flavors of Southern California.

Fresh Ingredients

We don’t do frozen. Our flavorful dishes depend on the nutritious, natural goodness of farm-fresh ingredients.

Nutritious Meals

Our mission is to provide delicious, nutritious meals to our community that don’t compromise on flavor.

Local Suppliers

We care about the quality of our food, so we only work with local suppliers that feel the same way about theirs.

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